Welcome to the Dentist Page for the MassHealth Dental Program
& Thank you for your participation!


**The FRD forms and instructions can be found in the "Documents" section
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MassHealth is required by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to have a current Federally Required Disclosure Form on file for every business participating in the MassHealth Medicaid network. MassHealth has posted additional documents to assist businesses in the completion of this form.  

     •   A fillable PDF version of the Federally Required Disclosure Form. The document will then be           ready to e-mail to MassHealthEnrollment&Credentialing@dentaquest.com.

  • •   View step by step instructions for the completion of the form.


Please reach out to your MassHealth Credentialing Partner at 1-800-233-1468.

Thank you for your participation with the MassHealth Dental Program. 


Please see resources below to help you get started in the new Provider portal:

MH Provider Portal Browser Tip Sheet

New Provider Portal Manual

New Provider Portal Video

New Provider Portal Self Registration Tips